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Once Top Motor send warmth in the Mid-Autumn Festival

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The morning of September 20, 2012, the EMS shuttle bus to Shenzhen Once Top Manufactory Limited. Excellent employees are moon cakes, a letter of thanks and relatives of gratitude disc with great care package up, everybody's face is brimming with excitement. The original company to purchase a "homesickness moon cake" for each employee, EMS will be responsible for the mooncakes send to each employee's home.

It is understood, the annual Mid-Autumn Festival, in addition to the moon cake to all employees, but also specifically for the excellent staff home relatives sent moon cakes. And they said, two boxes of moon cakes have little money, but they are very important to the special Mid-Autumn Festival gift. This shows that the company employees on humane care and concern. Many excellent employees families receive moon cakes to the company calls, understand the development of the company and their family situation, thank the company for their care.

Company general manager often said: "emotion has play a decisive role position in the modern enterprise system. Any employee wants to get enterprise recognition and respect, the enterprise only do this in place, staff will have a sense of identity to the enterprise, will provide everfount power for the harmonious development of enterprises!"

Employees are to relatives Mid-Autumn Festival gift packaging.



The staff personally hand warmth fill in the mailing list, send family far away!






Mid-Autumn Festival, million to the workers have a joyous gathering, to send blessings!



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